A Message from the Principal of Our School

They spread their wings and fly freely with broad minds into the future

 Since our foundation in 1931 we have steadily worked with our students to create “ well – cultured , hard – working , and honest women “ based on the three principles of “ sincerity, cheerfulness and willingness to work “ . We educate students with great care with the idea that each student has her own unique and brilliant character. Bearing this in mind, students are encouraged to discover and develop their individual talents, thus allowing them to lead more fruitful school lives. A good example of this is seen in our school festival and sports day, which are mainly carried out by our students. Many students furthermore attend club activities and student committees. So students work devotedly not only on studying but also on school activities and on clubs. Nothing is more rewarding for teachers than seeing students find pleasure from and to take interest in these various kinds of activities . Students living in these times have many opportunities to communicate with people in foreign countries. Our school has for many years concentrated on English education. To this end , our school prides itself in providing all students with the opportunities to experience living abroad. Based on the idea that students must first deeply understand their own country before understanding other countries in the world, students acquire a solid understanding of the culture and history of Japan before going abroad to deepen their understanding about different cultures. To experience study programs in their teens with refined sensibilities will better prepare students to adapt to the challenges of the future. Recently entrance exams of universities have become more varied and complex. In order to cope with this , we teach students carefully to detail. In addition to helping students achieve their goals, we guide students to their final goal as students at our school to become an independent woman. We invite you to attend our school introductory meeting as well as our school festival. We furthermore invite you to see our students actively engaging in their studies, school activities and their club activities . We sincerely look forward to seeing you.

Principal Imaji Kikuchi