School Trip To Canada

All Regular Courses In May (nine days)

We visit the West Coast and Rocky mountains of Canada.
During this trip, students are of course given the opportunity to experience places of cultural significance, however, our main program focuses on homestays and group-based independent study programs.
This trip is sure to provide students with rich memories and experiences.

Overseas Language Study Program in England

5th grade English Course from July to September (eight weeks)

Students attend a language school while on homestays. The school divides the classes according to the students’ language abilities. Lessons are taught based on the textbooks which deal with daily activities. Students will have the unique opportunity to study at the world- renowned college town of Cambridge. A further appeal of this course is that many students from other European countries also study at this school.

School Trip to the Philippines Language Course

5th grade English Course from July to September (eight weeks)

While on homestays, the students take one- on - one lessons. Since the teachers teach the students individually, the students make progress in speaking English remarkably quickly.
Alongside this the students can have the chance to learn a lot from highly motivated students from other Asian countries

School Trip to New Zealand Language Course

5th grade English Course from July to September (ten weeks)

While on homestays, the students attend classes of local high schools. Students are asked to think for themselves, express their opinions and actively participate in class projects, resulting in a more positive, productive attitudes toward study. They also learn other subjects in English, allowing them to be more aware of the different ways of thinking in the world.

United States

eight weeks

Students will primarily study alongside Asian students who aim to enter American universities. Students on this program will have the opportunity to experience the large scale of this country.

One-year Overseas Study Program In New Zealand or Australia

5th grade English Course students (one year)

While on homestays, the students attend local high schools and take classes for four terms ( for a full year ). They take the same lessons as the students of the local schools., wear the same uniforms and spend their lives as one of the local students. The credits they take during study overseas are admitted as credits of Edogawa Girls’ High School ,so after returning to Japan, students can continue on to the 6thgrade.